The Time is DAO is a collective of artists, collectors and innovators coming together to  explore ethics, remove power dynamics and provide a support system so that the Web3 art space can realize its full potential and not replicate past inequitable and toxic systems. 

Our values

Art is life 

We are all connected by a shared love (and need) for art. We believe in the power of art for expression, communication, healing and inspiration. 

Humanity in Web3

In a world full of pseudonymity and transactionality, we believe that our core humanity remains the thing that connects us. We embrace that humanity by taking care of our mental health, resisting the urge to hustle or compromise on our values, and celebrating the diversity of all our identities and experiences, whether or not they are on display. We apply an accessibility and equity lens to our decisions with that humanity in mind.

Abundance Mindset 

Financial and social incentives can cause a scarcity mindset in Web3. We are intentionally overriding that with an abundance mindset, with the belief that we can all go further together.  


We are not here to call people out, but rather call them in. We recognize that multiple conflicting perspectives can be true at the same time, and we embrace those differences with curiosity and appreciation. 

What we’re not

Just as we're being intentional about what we are, it's important to name what we're not... especially when ethics and DAO tokens are in play. 

The Time is DAO is not: 

Ethics police 

We're not here to police anyone on whether or not they are acting in a way that we believe is ethical, or "cancel" anyone for their actions. By creating a safe space and a vision of what drives positive change, we seek to inspire rather than condemn. 


We are a DAO made up of a diverse range of individuals, and we know that we can never speak for all members. Idea generation will be collaborative and decisions will be made by consensus. 

A financial security

While the Time is DAO membership token may have a financial value associated with it, and projects that we work on in the future may have a profit associated with them, we are not creating any form of financial securities that generate income or interest for members. 

Potential projects

The projects we work on will be ideated, decided and executed on by the DAO. Some ideas of what those projects could entail include: 


The initial formation structure of The Time is DAO will be as follows: